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2019 - 2020


PAPERLESS - We kept it simple by no longer including unnecessary papers and cards in all our packaging. 


NO PLASTICS - We recently introduced wrapping the items in paper bags and completely eliminate courier's plastic pouches yet assures the products are secured while in transport.


CO-WORKING SPACE environment - Twice a week we work in co-working or sharing spaces to cut down energy consumption and experience sharing spaces with different people.


REUSE- We encourage consumers to reuse our packaging such as ribbons, back of the card and gift tissues.


NO BOXES - We started to completely remove the boxes from our packaging in the middle of last year.  The boxes were normally discarded after opening the package. Instead, we opted to keep it simple and minimal by using gift tissues and ribbon ( changes will be made for the release of AFTERNOIR ).


PRIORITY LIST- Most of our products will be preorder basis. It will help lessen overconsumption and production.


REPURPOSING - In production a leather cutting waste is what is left over after cutting away the shape of the bag and these are usually thrown out. We are still reviewing on ways how to repurpose these material waste, making it functional and to continue its life.

LEATHER - All new designs  and releases will be made of genuine leather. Vegan, synthetic or pleather are known to have a large percentage of plastics. In this case, we reviewed all our designs and considered it's durability, longevity and function for our customers.

If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear it.

Updated September 2019