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We publish Priority list as soon as we have a schedule for restocking of a specific item. In this way, It helps our business and the environment to be more sustainable. Each production is now based on consumer demand. It allows us to crowdsourced, cut over production or stocks that leads to lesser energy consumption, manpower, waste of materials and cost.


Our small contribution to the economy and the environment means a lot to us. We are against mass production, which is one of the culprits contributing to environmental waste. We want to share  minimal, intentional and practical living with everyone in a different way.

Priority list assures exclusivity - our products are originally designed and produced in limited quantities. It is for those who truly understands and shares the same principles  - live minimally, intentional and create a daily uniform. It is not fuelled by trend.


All placed orders under priority list are entitled to a % discount for a limited time.




The turnaround time may vary from 1 - 2 months, depending on the availability of materials, colors and quantity requested since all our products are individually handcrafted. We indicate an estimated release date, although there might be changes and may vary on the actual production time. Information updates and status are sent regularly. 



Colors may vary on the actual production period, subject to materials availability. Choose initial preferred color on the order option button. If there will be any changes in the final production, we will send a notification.



We understand that there are times we change our minds, as much as we would like to accommodate cancelling orders, it is not possible since it is already part of the production count. Please make sure orders sent to us are final.


Standard shipping via local courier. Email updates are sent from the time of production to delivery schedule. If there are changes such as recipient or delivery address let us know in advance, we'd be glad to do make the changes for you.

To learn more about our Sustainability efforts read more here.